Camera Club Diary of Events

We meet on Thursdays from 8:00pm to 10:00pm at the Haven Centre in Crawley Down
Saturday excursions leave from the Haven centre between 09:30 and 10:00 returning at about 1:00pm.

08/09/2022   Welcome back. Intro to the year, 10 x 10s etc
15/09/2022   Michael Patten: Improving your photography (this is 3rd Thursday - Zoom only)
13/10/2022   Competition #1: Theme = OPEN (entries by 06 October)
27/10/2022   Club evening with possible EGM re subs
10/11/2022   Speaker - Mick White: Topic Wildlife Around Britain (RSPB talk)
24/11/2022   Speaker - Alison Taylor: Topic - It Isn't About The Colour (monochrome presentation)
08/12/2022   Competition #2 with external judge Sheena Rogers: Theme Open (Entries by 30 November)
12/01/2023   ** MEETING VIA ZOOM ONLY **Briefings for Competitions #3, #4 and #5. Old; Shadows; 'In camera water'
26/01/2023   Competition #3: Theme = "OLD". Entries by 19th January
09/02/2023   Speaker - Roy Carr (AWPF): Topic - to be decided
23/02/2023   Speaker - Darren Pullman (TBC): Topic = You've taken the picture, now what?.
09/03/2023   Competition #4: Theme = SHADOWS. Entries by 02 March
23/03/2023   Speaker - Rosemary Wilman: More of the Way I see it Cuba - My View, Norway, Andoya
13/04/2023   Speaker - Barbie Lindsay: Topic Barbie's Indian Takeaway: Delhi, Agra, Varanasi, Kumela Festival
27/04/2023   Competition #5: Theme = WATER (In camera with minimal Post processing) Entries by 20 April
11/05/2023   AGM and information session - Past program review, New prog discussion, 10 x 10s etc
25/05/2023   Club DIY evening. Portrait/studio lighting, Run by Eddie. Need a model to sit for us.
08/06/2023   Club DIY evening. Four groups walk around CD and take photos
22/06/2023   Social and prizegiving. Bring partners